Roastime says roaster is connected AND disconnected

Roastime tells me that the roaster is disconnected and connected, all on the same screen.

The roaster itself turns on but with no display lights and does not respond to any buttons being pushed or to “begin preheating” in roastime.

I have reinstalled the software, updated drivers, done a reset with the paperclip.

Anyone have any ideas?


@tompoland - Really odd. I’ve not seen that contradiction before. In your spot I’d guess a hardware issue. Not sure if anyone is working at Aillio till late Sunday (US, MST) but a Trouble Ticket might be in order.


Thanks Bruce, yes a funny old one indeed. Good idea though re the support ticket, will lodge now and wait and see.

@tompoland - What version of RT is this? This looks like a very outdated version. Can you upgrade to the latest RT3?

Tx. It’s 3.2.4.

All fixed. Big shout out for Matt Yau who actually called my mobile and talked me through the fix.

Matt sent me a link to download roastime v2, i used that and the manual bootloader technique again first, then successfully updated the firmware and now the bullet is running from v3.2.4 happily once more.

Thanks for such great community support and hats off to Matt and Aillio for such great customer support. Makes me very happy that I bought an Aillio.