Roastime V4 disconnects as soon as I preheat, but R1 will still respond

Hi! New user here, only roasted 1 completed roast on my V2 so far. Really enjoyed that experience. My second roast, I’m running into an issue - when I go to select preheat on the RoasTime screen, it disconnects from the R1. However, the R1 will start to preheat. After about 5 seconds, the app will recognize the R1 again, and again will allow me to select a preheat temp. If I click preheat again, it will once again disconnect, but the R1 will now go into Charge and Roasting modes. It’s like every time I click preheat, it disconnects and R1 acts like the PRS button was pressed.

Anyone else have this issue? I’ve restarted and turned the R1 off and on but the same problem still persists. Thanks in advance!

Is this still happening?

Hey @shanelu.GVHo,

Just wanted to follow up to see if this issue still exists. Please write back here if you have any updates.