Roasting Blend - bean management

Is there a way to add multiple beans for a single roast? I can’t seem to be able to add more than one type of bean.
It would be useful when roasting espresso (or any other type) of blends to add multiple beans and avoid having to remove beans manually afterwards.


Great question! AFAIK right now in RT you can’t add more than 1 bean to a roast. I plan to do blending sometime, but after roasting each bean.

Hi everyone … I see this question has come up a few times and I am wondering how people manage preblending in RoasTime when choosing beans from their existing inventory? Any workarounds out there? Thanks, Dan.

Haven’t found a workaround unfortunately. I started roasting my beans separately and blending afterwards.

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@derrxb will this feature be available in upcoming 3.4 version with the new bean management? Are we going to be able to add more than one bean type to a roast?

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I got a green bean blend from a supplier with “beans from three different regions” (doesn’t specify which), and the software forces me to pick a specific origin country to add the bean. I picked Congo at random, but I have no idea. With all the comments in the forum about duplicate and mis-entered bean data, I know I am being part of the problem here but I don’t see a way around it.
Shouldn’t there be an option for “Blend” when adding a bean?

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Till an alternate comes along, I use USA for origin with a blend. And yeah it’s not a great idea but lacking anything better… ??


I think the initial head scratcher is how to implement blends cleanly into inventory. But for some people (like me) who really aren’t into pretending they have a warehouse to keep track of and have no need of inventory management, something like the ad hoc blend capability that has just released in Artisan would work fine for me. At the moment I use the Comment field to detail the ratios but that isn’t great if you need to refresh your mind of the components. I generally pre blend unless the mix calls for different roast levels. For me at least, pre blend works just fine and is a lot less hassle in the workflow.


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I think this feature needs to be implemented asap… this is not a new software anymore with so many patches and updates it’s kind of shocking that you can’t add blends.
The only way I can work around it right now is to manually make adjustments to my bean stock (-0.5 kg or whatever amount you used in your blend for each of the beans in the blend)

I’ve reached out to customer service and all they say is “it’s being worked on”
That was months ago.

It certainly would be great. For now what I do is roast without imputing any beans and remove the quantity manually after for all the beans. This allows me to find my blends for efficiently as they have no beans in my roast history list.
I used to add one of the beans used for the blend to the roast, but it would make tracking more complexe.

Also there was a poll that was taken to get an idea if users were pre-blending or post-blending. The majority on that poll was post-blending. I actually think a lot of people chose post-blending because it was a way to work around not having a bean blending function.

I think pre-blending makes more sense in darker roasts in terms of production efficiency, roast degree, and roast time. Most blends are roasted darker and longer which would essentially smooth out any significant differences in development.
Would be interested to hear what others think about this.

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