Roasting Brazilian Naturals for Espresso


I was wondering if anyone has any tips on roasting Brazil pulp naturals and naturals for espresso. I’m currently working with Daterra Espresso Yellow. The roasts tend to have an ashy quality to them. An ashy/roasty aftertaste. I’m looking for more sweetness. What end temperature are you guys shooting for?

I’ve recently tried a 275 start temperature and have lengthened out the roast. I’m not seeing any real tipping issues.

Any and all help is appreciated!

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I’m not too sure what notes you want, but a good base line is to have it crack maybe closer to 9min, and maybe about 2min or so dev time. I believe around 415F on ibits might bee a good medium to medium dark. Hope it helps

Seen as you don’t have any visible roasting defects, I’d try to add heat at the beginning and be gentler towards the end. So try raising the preheat gradually and aim for around 9 minutes for FC, but you won’t get it wrong even if it’s under that. It will get you faster to yellow and you’ll extend the maillard phase, so maybe you’ll get more sweetness as a result. Anyway, don’t get fixated on certain things. Try various approaches and see what works best. I’m just telling you where I’d start.