Roasting for more body based on first roast recipie

I’m new to roasting and have been using the Aillio first roast recipie with some minor adjustments (temp changes based on bean probe instead of IBTS) to roast different coffees. Mainly Brazilian and Colombian.
Generally a charge temp of 205-210 degrees celcius and a drop temp of around 208 will produce a medium dark coffee and a sweet cup. But there is very little body.
Does anyone have any suggestions on what to tweak to increase the body?


Generally body can be increased by increasing the development time of the roast. The brew method though may have an even bigger effect on the body you’re experiencing. A method like Turkish, Moka Pot, or French Press is likely to result in more body than paper filter methods.

Thank you for the insight.
My brewing is limited to paper filters at the moment, but I understand it might not be optimal.
Would you recommend to drop the power even before yellow or during browning?
What is the preferred option there?


There are things that the aillio does naturally, and then there are things you have to spend time figuring out. Getting more body out of the aillio is tricky. If someone has figured it out, I’ve not found that thread on this forum yet.

My understanding is that increasing the time after yellowing is what contributes the most to body. I found this 3rd party article you may find interesting on how roasting and brewing can affect body. If you’re looking to increase body while keeping your brewing method the same then it may help to extend the roasting time. The alternative is to change the brewing method while keeping the roast the same. It’s best to play around with the different options to find the one that suits you best.

Thank you for the elaboration.
Will try to extend the development phase by lowering power and see what that gives.


Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

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