Roasting Malted Barley

Has anyone tried roasting malted barley in the bullet?

Any reason (other than the warranty) not to?

How about other things? Peanuts? Hazelnuts? ???


I’ve wanted to try barley to make roasted barley tea. I can also just try crystal malt from the homebrew store.

I personally would not. My dad had good luck roasting almonds in his Behmor, though. May be worth trying to find a used Behmor locally.

Any particular reason, Matthew, or just fear of messing with an expensive machine?

A friend has roasted peanuts in his Behemor to good effect, but it probably wouldn’t work for malted barley because the holes on the screen drum are too large and the malt would fall through.



I’ve developed a liking for Orzo, originally an Italian coffee substitute, but now a thing all on its own. The Italians brew it in a modified Moka pot (I have a couple in my collection), but I use an eighty year old two cup Silex vacuum pot for my bedtime beverage.

I’ve bought various roasted malts from home brew beer suppliers, but I’m stuck with whatever the beer aficionados like. I would like to play around with roasting it myself and maybe even malting it myself. There are multiple varieties of barley, like there are of coffee. And other grains besides barley can be malted.


PS - I suppose one could also roast rice to make genmaicha, which I also like.

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I have roasted peanuts in the Bullet, that went well. Only problem is that your next roasts might smell of peanuts.


Hey Jacob,

That makes me want to roast a batch of peanuts just to see what peanut-scented coffee might be like!

It occurs to me that the chaff gap at the front may well be too large to roast barley or rye - it might escape. Though, perhaps a carefully crafted, removable chaff gap filler could be contrived and attached to the back of the dump door. Thoughts?

I think roasting hazelnuts is a real possibility. Wonder if RoR has any effect on the flavor of roasted hazelnuts!