Roasting outdoors on a balcony

Hi, I’m new here and have a Aillio Bullet coming.

I’m wondering if there is anyone that roasts outdoors on the balcony? That’s what I’m doing with my Quest M3. I live in San Diego where it’s good weather year around and don’t get too much wind. I’m wondering If I’d be able to do the same with the Bullet or should I start thinking about doing some venting solution that I can easily break down. I live in an apartment so this is important to me.

I can see the issue with gas roasters where you can’t have wind interfering with the burners.

Used to live in SD. probably not a problem depending upon what floor you are on and if there are unrestricted winds. Downtown probably ok. too far inland and might cause some concerns from people more than complaints as they will think something is on fire.

I’ve been roasting for the last year outdoors with no problem. I never take it longer than past first crack and if anything it smells like nice coffee and people on the parking lot when I asked said they really didn’t notice anything.

I roast outside all the time here on the Gulf Coast. Absolutely no problem.

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I roast in my garage with a portable fan (set to low) blowing the smoke out the door. Has been working fine with no problems.

I started by roasting on my back patio in Phoenix, AZ. Moved inside when weather became consistently too hot (and set up a ventilation system). Work great on patio when weather was nice. I didn’t roast on really windy days, so never dealt with anything more than a light breeze. If wind might be an issue for you, maybe rig up some sort of wind break screen to keep calm air around the Bullet.

I roast outdoors on my balcony in the north of Portugal and the only problem that I sometimes have is that in summer I cannot roast in the middle of the day because it is too hot. Right now it is 29 degrees Celsius in the shade which is at the upper limit of what the Bullet is rated to but in the middle of summer it is often 35-40 degrees Celsius. I think SF is slightly cooler so I don’t think you will have a problem but just pay attention to the ambient air temperature.

Roasting outdoors is awesome!


Nice balcony!

I bet roasting outdoors IS awesome with that view. Thanks for sharing.