Roasting Spikes in ROR Graph

Hello everyone,
I started roasting some coffee today, and I noticed my ROR graph was all over the place, it started off as small random spikes and dips in the graph which turned into larger and larger ones. This has never happened to me before, hopefully someone here knows or has encountered this issue before and had it resolved.

Just FYI, the machine does get a frequent cleaning, every 10 or so roasts, I never roast to 2nd crack, I usually stop around 1.5 min after first. I use the correct USB cable (the display on the roaster matches with the numbers in the app, so it can’t be USB cable)

Anyone with anything please let me know

There has been a rash of these failures recently. Some owners were told to clean the Bean Temp probe and saw an improvement (the spikes went away), while others had to replace the Bean Temp probe to get rid of the problem. Since you’ve been doing routine maintenance it seems likely it isn’t a maintenance issue, but either way you’ll need to start a trouble ticket with Aillio (or your Bullet supplier) to get the process started.


Thank you Bruce. I will get in contact with them. I appreciate your time to comment on this issue.

Hi Same problem at about 150 deg C
Wild fluctuations
Cleaned Bean probe 3 times - Same result
Still under warranty but must still get the bean probe