Roasting tips by Perfect Daily Grind

Perfect Daily Grind just posted an article on roasting tips for their online magazine. They’re using an R1 to explain their suggestions.

The article states

“…roasters with an air temperature probe will be able to determine when airflow should be added, as well as for how long.”

Does anyone understand this relationship? I’m curious what air temp will tell you regarding airflow…


I’m not sure either. kind of confusing wording. but…when I use the Diedrich IR12 roaster, if the temp in the roaster in is too high, I’ll increase airflow to slow the roast process, and vice versa, reduce airflow to increase the roaster’s temp and roast process. the burner (heater) stays mostly constant and airflow is adjusted as needed. the Diedrich are infrared roasters, a whole different kind of beast to wrestle with.

I think for roasters without a temperature probe in the bean mass, the idea was that you could sort of extrapolate the exhaust air temperature back to a bean mass approximation. I have heard of one of two folks who put a temp probe in the exhaust with the assistance of Aillio but I think they concluded it added little extra data. I may be way off though…

i am not using the exhaust temp i just disconnected it
sooo bean and ibts is enough

I have an ET probe installed. I was just curious if there was any utility in having it, as it does not seem to provide any useful information yet.