Roasting with a stationary X (Time) Axis on Roastime 4.6.26?

I’ve been roasting on the bullet for just a short point in time here, and recently made the switch from Roastime 3 to Roastime 4 (version 4.6.26 on MAC). Is there a way to roast on version 4.6.26 with the X axis (the time axis) in a stationary mode? Right now it seems that it tracks in “real time” and I have found it easier to roast with a stationary graph where I can see the “bigger picture” of the whole roast. Up to this point I haven’t been able to find a place where I can change those settings? Any advice or is this just something I need to get used to with the new version?

Open RT4 and go to Edit Settings → Roast Config and choose Chart Defaults at the bottom. The left-most box allows you to set X-axis starting value. In the image I have that set to 17 minutes. For my use the X-Axis never adjusts during a roast as my roasts are always less than about 15 minutes. I do see it adjust during the first Preheat which in my case runs very long for the first roast.

Hope this helps…




Is correct.

Thanks for that! I wondered if that was what the X axis function would do, but was hesitant to mess with it mid roast!