RoastTime 2.0 FAQ?

Hey Aillio folks!

I’ve been roasting on my Bullet for over a year, and roast about 10 lbs. a week for myself and others.

I’m excited to try out the new software and features, but I’m hesitating because I’m seeing a lot of scattered questions and issues on the forums over the last few weeks. Is there an FAQ somewhere, or can we start one?

Specifically, before I upgrade, I’d like to know:

  1. Can version 2.x of the software live concurrently with version 1.x on the same PC, in case I need the old functionality?

  2. Can all of our old profiles be imported? I saw some mixed info on the forums about this.

  3. What data is stored on the cloud vs. locally? Is it editable by users? I love that there is an inventory function, but I don’t want to rely on the internet connection in my basement to access it.

I’m really excited about the new software, and glad to see so much responsiveness from Aillio on the forum in recent weeks! But I’ve been getting such awesome, and consistent results that I need to feel confident I’m not going to mess that up with an update. Thanks!


I updated yesterday to the 2.x RT, firmware and drivers, so I’m just now trying to sort this out myself. I just finished my first roast using 2.x, and I’m less excited than I was before updating.

  1. Sorry, I don’t know. If one could use 1.x after installing 2.x, that would be quite good. I didn’t try it.
  2. Mine were imported, but no bean info. Basically all that appears is just the roast time/temp/settings, weight charged, and a couple of other things. Some things were apparently omitted in the import.
  3. I don’t know if anything is kept locally. I can find no setting to enter a local folder for saving information, so I’m assuming there is nothing kept locally.

Unless you like purple or have a Mac, I’d hold off awhile. The online DB work is still mostly a framework waiting for capabilities to be filled in. For instance, beans don’t import and (as far as I can tell) you can’t add beans to the list. You can’t edit time/temperature points in saved profiles… Lots of ideas that haven’t been fleshed out.

RoastTime 2.x isn’t (IMO) up to 1.x – rough edges in lots of places. RoastTime 2 appears to be an entirely new piece of software, not an upgrade. I expect it will eventually get there, but this is a rather gutsy operation: simultaneously releasing a new program, new drivers and new firmware. Things done using 1.x are done in new ways, hidden in new corners, and there’s no documentation. I wish them luck, but I’m hoping I can use 1.x again without restoring my laptop from backup.


Steve is correct, the v2 is a complete rewrite rather than an update. Not all features exist in it yet that exist in the v1 windows version, but they will in the next few months. It is meant to be a slow migration on windows as it was originally targeted for OSX users and runs best there.

  1. The 2 softwares use different USB drivers. If you wanted to go back to v1, you could uninstall the drivers and it would work again, but if you want to use v2 you will have to force update the drivers every time you switch. It’s a simple process, but could be annoying.

  2. Profiles do import, but beans do not. The way beans work is completely different as v1 stored them locally and v2 uses the Roast World integration for syncing beans.

  3. Roast profiles are kept locally and synced to roast world. Beans are synced down from roast world and stored locally as well - but you would need an internet connection to add new beans right now. (This will change in the future, we have a lot of stuff to do still)

You will not find this data locally as it is stored in a database, not JSON files like the v1 version.

Thanks for the thorough response! Sounds like a lot of exciting developments.

I wish I had a separate machine to test with. I’ll get in there as soon as I can to offer feedback, maybe after holiday roasting gifts…

Hello Matt,
I tried uninstalling Roast Time 2 from my Windows computer, then re-running the installation driver I had left in the old folder I used to install Roast Time 1. Roast time 1 came up, but it still does not communicate with my Bullet just like it behaved when I installed the new firmware. RT2 works fine with the Bullet though.
So I’m missing something specific but critical for returning function to RT1. Can you please be more specific about how to uninstall the RT2 drivers and re-install RT1 drivers? I’m reluctant to uninstall RT1 wholesale and start over because I don’t know how to download it again, I don’t see it on the Aillio web site.
I am concerned that the new firmware I installed on the Bullet is the culprit preventing it from communicating with RT1 as that was the change that started the trouble. So would re-installing the old RT1 drivers fix it even with the new firmware?
Thank you a million!

Hey Harlan,

Definitely not the firmware, it would be the USB drivers. I am not extremely familiar with Windows as a Linux and OSX user, but I believe windows has a built in functionality like this:

If that fails to take you back to the normal USB drivers, you could use a tool like this to change the driver back to libusb:

Appreciate your reply Matt. Jacob also replied.

I’ll be both working on getting to know RT2 features better as well as renewing RT1.

Thank you,


Hi Matthew,

I have a couple of roast profiles on a guest account locally and once I log in to my account no profiles show up. Makes sense since I dont have any profiles linked to my account yet. Is there any way I can transfer profiles from the guest account to my account since they do show up if I continue as guest. I am assuming they are somewhere locally.

Hey Abraham,

They are locally in a database, so not exactly easy to get outside the application. I will try to get this fit into the next release for you guys.

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Thank you.

Is there any update on how transferring guest profiles to a user account works?

Can you please explain how to sync beans in v2? I added a bean to “my beans” in roast world, but I can’t figure out how to get it to show up in roast time.

Hey @elie - which RW are you using? or