RoastTime doesn't work without an internet connection!

Wow I was shocked when RoastTime stopped working as I was roasting and my internet connection dropped out. How can this be? YOU SHOULD NOT NEED AN INTERNET CONNECTION TO USE YOUR COFFEE ROASTER!!!

Please let me know what will be done.



That is odd. You are right, that should not happen and an internet connection is not required for roasting. Can you tell me exactly what happened? I just attempted a roast while both offline and starting online, then disconnecting and both behaved normally.


I was just roasting and it said network error updating the version and then roast time stopped tracking the roast in progress. My network connection in the garage can be problematic as sometimes the router gets turned off and then reconnecting becomes a PITA.

I reluctantly abandoned the roast, closed roast time, restarted the roast and it dis it againon a 900g batch :frowning: I continued the roast without roast time.

Let me know what info i can provide Matthew.

Very weird, let me try and debug that. What version are you running and is it Windows or MacOS? I removed errors related to updating in 2.0.5 or 2.0.6, so maybe that would solve the issue, but I will try to find the root cause.

Thanks for the report.

Not sure what version might be 2.0.5. And Windows 10

Posted this in another thread, Roastime hangs if overlaying a previous roast and the Internet connection drops out. Managed to recreate this twice.

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