RoastTime has lost its mind

RoastTime 3.41, PopOS 5.17.15-7605u1715, Firmware 5.91 Bullet 1.5
Resizing RoastTime to better fill the screen (HP Pavilion laptop), the fonts go super tiny and I can no longer resize RoastTime. And, there appears to be a timing “feature”: If I restart RoastTime to restore the screen I lose the ability to mark events. It appears event times are from when RoastTime was started instead of the running time reported by the Bullet. For example, RoastTime show the elapsed time from the Bullet as 4:30. If I now mark YP, that time on the chart will show as the time from when RoastTime was restarted. So, instead of YP being at 4:30, it will be time from restart. If that was 60 seconds ago then YP is marked as 60 seconds.

Hopefully here is a screen shot of the tiny, tiny print.

Solved–sort of. I renamed the directories RoasTime and roast-time in ~/.config and launched RoasTime. It’s back to its default settings. Resizing the window no longer results in really tiny text. It would be useful to know which file was the culprit but there are too many to go through one at a time to figure out which is to blame.