RoastTime Suddenly Stops Reading From Roaster

I’m not sure why this happens, but once in a while RT just sort of stops reading data from the roaster and the roasting screen stays static. The software isn’t frozen as I can still navigate through menus and such, but the actual roasting screen is just displaying a still image from when the roaster was previously preheating or roasting. Not sure why this happens and it’s not producing an error message for easy diagnosis either.

I haven’t seen this on my Win10 system running RT 3.0.81 (at least not so far!).

A few months ago I was having a frequent issue with an audible alarm with no ErC; power went to P0. Even though there was no ErC, apparently my roaster was throwing codes which were recorded on the Aillio server. So it would possibly be a help to contact Support to see if they can provide some insight.