RoastWorld not displaying saved roasts in Stash

RoastWorld is not displaying roasts that have been saved in Stash. When I save a roast, I see a confirmation message that it has been saved, but I when I check Stash its not there. When I go back to the original roast, I have an option to remove it, so it must be saved. Anyone else having this issue or know how to solve it?

You may need to share the specific steps you’re taking one by one and indicate in which software/location you are performing the action to make it easier to troubleshoot the issue. The quick suggestions would be to try saving another roast to the stash and see if it works. This function is working for me. If you’re not seeing it in the stash list try refreshing the page (F5) or log out and back in.

Well, they are showing up now with for specific reason. None of the logical steps I tried to resolve the issue had an affect, but this morning it is working after two weeks of trying :man_facepalming: