Rob Hoos, Iteration box set

This looked interesting. I bought it. $67.00 plus ~ $20.00 for shipping to Southern California.

From Rob’s Iteration web site:


For the Aillio Bullet:

Brazil - João Hamilton - Natural

Focused on roasting on the Aillio Bullet, in this boxed set, I will explore various roasting approaches working toward my goal of bringing out the best the coffee has to offer while exploring various control and profile options. I will roast at least 5 different roasts of the coffee @ 500g batches and share all of the profiles, tasting notes, and rationale with you. You’ll have enough green to attempt 3 of my roasts. I will also include a sample of my favorite approach toward the coffee from my USRC 3 kilo roaster just for fun!

  • 1.5 Kg of Green Coffee
  • 1 Roasted Sample
  • Links to the documentation, data, and rationale behind the coffees

There is a slack channel that permits us all to talk about the experience and share the tasting as well as to talk about roasting questions. I will add you after your order.

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Too late. Sold out !