RoR background reference line

I’d like to suggest a feature: How to phrase? It would be nice to have a reference line for RoR that would be on the roast graph. Ideally, it would include the inputs, RoR desired initial (say 20%), RoR final target (say 5%), and what desired time to target (i.e., end roast.)

Having such a straight line might work to better facilitate roast corrections during the roast, if I knew what slope-until-end I was trying to target. As it is, I can perhaps hold up a straight-edge, and estimate where 5% will end up in, say eleven minutes, but because the graph doesn’t go to that point during the roast, it’s an estimate.

This would facilitate staying on a chosen, consistent slope.

Thank you for your suggestion.
Have you tried the overlay function of RoasTime? It overlays the complete roast including your inputs.
We don’t really believe that a straight declining ROR is always favorable, but we are working on things to better show roast predictions.

Hi Jacob, have used the V2 on RT2 for almost 100 roasts now. I have seen the Replay and Overlay buttons and use Overlay to do quick comparisons post roast. However, I really do not know how to use them while roasting. It does sound dumb, but I have looked around for guides and directions but have not found anything definite.

Would be great to have small guides on the advanced RT operations themselves.

During preheat you can use the buttons on the left sidebar to switch to a view of your previous roasts or recipes. Find the one you want and select Overlay or Replay. Then use the sidebar button to return to current roast. If you picked Overlay you’ll see the old roast curve and roaster settings. Dump in your beans to start the roast. If you picked Replay it will automatically modify your roaster settings, but you can manually override any time. You also have to manually decide when to drop.

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@bradm - just to make things clear, during preheat, I choose Overlay or Replay. So, the earlier roasts get overlayed/replayed after the Charge prompt is it?

Oops, the button name is Playback (not Replay).

The Overlay and Playback are active after you add beans and the roast begins.