ROR chart

During yesterday’s roast, I was getting a lot of drop offs on the ROR data points. just random data inputs, or lack of… anyone else ever had this issue?


I have not had that problem (V1.5, F/W 523 stable, RT 2.5.5) but have not yet roasted above 454g.

If you amend your post with your version/model, it might help others in responding. Good luck troubleshooting.

You really need to get Aillio Support involved.

I’ve had occasions in a former life to look at a lot of telemetry data including from thermocouples. Thermocouples are normally quite reliable but that doesn’t mean they can’t fail. To my eye, it looks like an intermittent in the thermocouple data (Bean Temp) either from the thermocouple itself or possibly the measuring circuit. Their tech support needs to guide you through the process to nail down where the issue is.


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Thanks. I’m going to contact support and see what they say.

Did you get a response?
I have a similar issue (v1.5, RT2.5.0 and 2.5.6; fw 540)


how ironic we both had this same issue roasting Sidamo coffee?

yeah I did and it’s mostly resolved. it IBTS needed cleaning. it seems that chaff buildup was blocking the sensor, since the sensor is slightly recessed.

they also made sure that i’m using the latest version of the Roast software and latest beta version of the firmware to help address IGBT temp issues. Since I’m doing 1k batches, a higher charge temp could help with that IGBT temp. according to the logs, once I hit P9, the temp spikes and can throw a warning error since it’s close to the temp limiter. I suspect this is mostly due to the 110V we have in the US, where our electronics run hotter than other countries.

Thanks! Yes, I did notice your bean was also Sidamo :slight_smile:

I doubt, though, that gunk is the explanation in my case. I have the old sensor, and clean it with cotton and some alcohol after every roast session. As I was troubleshooting another issue a while back I did remove front plate and had the opportunity to inspect the glass in front of the sensor. No build up at the time and I have been following the same cleaning regimen from day 1.
I think I’ll shoot them a mail.