ROR Moving Average

Just putting this here. I’m getting used to the fluctuations in the ROR curve and not overreacting to what looks like a major shift, but I’m wondering if any thought has been given to smoothing that curve via RoasTime software. It’s already a derived statistic so adding a bit more math to the equation might make the curve more stable.

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I totally agree. Hoped to find it at least in the roast analyzer. Wasn’t it in earlier versions of the roastsoftware?

Yes, the ragged ROR graph that we currently see (while visually can be overlooked) could benefit from some smoothing. All the intermittent ups/downs detract from the graph and are not useful to me. Before I had a nice graph like this one to see, I used to do it manually via 30-60 second samples from a thermocouple in the bean-mass. That method while not as visually spiffy as this graph is the baseline of what I want to see from the graph. All the chatter in the graph (as designed) doesn’t help me to see the underlying information of what bean temp is doing across 30-60 second intervals.

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I will add this to the feature request list.