RT 2.2.0 beta Win 10

Generally I’ve had no issue roasting with V/2.2.0 beta, but want to point out a couple issues/whines-

1- When advancing the mouse across a completed roast chart, the mouse pointer advances at a different rate (faster) than the marker moves across the chart

2- Event markers (power, fan, drum speed) are not placed properly relative to when they occur. Misalignment seems to be greater as time advances (related to 1- above?).

3- When I change the Drum Speed I can hear no difference between any of the settings. Perhaps the speed changes are so subtle I can’t pick up the difference, but… ??

4- Please label one of the display windows on the chart with a title indicating that it displays IRBT. As it stands I have no indication what the final temp is when I drop the beans. I’m assuming that Drum Temp is the IR bean temp, but … ???

5- What is Exit Temp? (displayed as a negative number)

Thanks for all the hard work!!


did you ever get an answer to any of this? I’m curious what “Exit Temp” is too…
And I sure would like an option for the IRBT so that it uses this for things like FC, and so it doesn’t say “Drum Temp” on the charts…


I don’t recall seeing any response on the test that one of the folks here did on the Drum speeds. IIRC, the result was that the speed tested was the same from setting 6 to 9. It would be good to know if there is a drum speed setting issue.

I believe drum speed is one of those that fits in a narrow range based on some formula related to drum size so you really don’t want a control that does 0 to 100% in nine steps, it’s useless. I thought I read that the narrow range needed for our drum did turn out to be covered even at the expense of the same speed on a few settings.

I always use D8 and I’ve hear that smaller charges might benefit contact time with a lower speed but I’ve honestly not found a need. Watching the Mill City Roasters tutorials they don’t seem to use drum speed in their roast profiles either, just gas and air.

As to exit temp I believe with Aillios blessing it may be possible to add a thermocouple to pick up the exhaust temp.

I think there are still plans to update RT to be more aware of the IBTS as more units out there. The current RoR for example is still calculated from the old bean probe…

I think the average user may think of the drum speed adjustment range from a roast impact perspective. Similar to effects from fan speed and power settings even though those two things can have a much greater impact to the roast than drum speed.

I agree that drum speed increments would typically not be large and probably most suited to affecting small roast quantities and bean ejection. It just raises the question in my mind, what do the speeds do (actually) across the 9 increments? I haven’t seen anything that specifically says what it does as we have seen on the fan speed data.

Nope, no response. Probably small peanuts in the battle the development team is waging but I am curious. Just goes against the grain to go to the trouble of displaying something that is apparently of no use.

The exit temperature is an additional probe you can mount to measure the exit air temperature in the internal exhaust pipe. It involves some drilling, fiddling and gluing and is not a recommended upgrade.

Thank you Jacob. I understand what you described. Since there’s no data, what is currently being displayed? The data seems to move around during the roast. Is that just noise from an open circuit? or is something substituted for the unavailable data?

Yes, open circuit noise.

I spent a good part of my life chasing “ghosts” inside test equipment. Now they’ve followed me into my retirement! :slight_smile:


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@jacob can you provide any clarity on the Drum rotation speed that has been reported? It would be useful to know if there is supposed to be no change in RPMs from D6-D9 (due to design need or whatever). :thinking: