RT 2.4.3-alpha Released

For those willing to test new s/w, looks like RT 2.4.3-alpha has just been released on GitHub. The Aillio site has the (possibly!) more stable beta release as the newest, not this newer alpha release.


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Your a “good egg” Bruce for sharing information to the Bullet community here. :clap:

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Guess I’ll never learn! :slight_smile:

Uh…never learn what? Was it connected to the post you removed ('cause I didn’t see it).

I was applauding what you do for the folks here and realistically, I see more news from you about Bullet software information than I do from Aillio. :grin: Wax-on brutha…:sunglasses:

I’ll never learn that ‘alpha’ means pain! :slight_smile: Unconnected to the removed jibberish post that smacked of too much time out in 100+ deg AZ heat… aaarrrggh!


Yes, in a more formalized release environment, alpha would be reserved for internal testing and a few select invited external users under the supervision of the engineers to help out and troubleshoot if there are any issues.

Even I won’t gamble on an alpha release :joy:

It is hard for me to gauge Aillio’s thinking with these releases. Why just drop new alpha-releases without any release information, engagement and follow-up afterwards to the very people that are willing to help? I’m thinking out-load and know that I’m “preaching to the choir”. :nerd_face:

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As long as I can revert to a prior s/w release I don’t feel trapped. F/w, however, is essentially a one way street. Some have gotten help reverting f/w to a prior release, but it’s a big deal and you can’t revert to your personal preference. Configuration management is difficult at best and never done without someone feeling dumped on (better not use an emoticon for that sentiment!).

Just speculating, but I suspect R.W users are competing for attention with FB and the new roaster (R2?) development.

Maybe they got abducted by Aliens…:alien:

If you see anything in your alpha screens about “all your base are belong to us”…revert quickly! :arrow_backward:

:slight_smile: I’ve been warned!