RT 2.5.0-beta Released


Oh, I now get it! Rebooted the PC (not sure that matters). Changed the Exit Temp color. That changed the color of the ROR line in the display. The one labelled ROR in the Preferences is apparently Exit Temp…



I just realized the mislabeling myself only 5 minutes ago. Glad to hear it was that easy!



I have the same issue on my macbook. Cannot change the whitish ror curve into another color. And when I try to change colors, or the background, during a roast something weird happens. The new curve is not developing on top of the overlay, but at its right side. Awkward because you cannot compare curves and the space gets very limited. Sounds like a bug. I noticed this effect in 2.5.0 and 2.5.1.


@wm1 and I both realized an issue with color selection stems from reversed labeling in color selection and on the graph. Could that be what’s happening in your case as well?

As an aside, I discovered with 2.5.1-alpha, there are several changes to this alpha which have been released without any file name change to identify more recent changes. I was able to track the changes (sort of) using Properties. I’m not familiar with Mac conventions, but in Win 10 I was able to d/l the current version while keeping a copy of my installed version by re-labeling the new file. Then I compared Properties > Details of the first 2.5.1-alpha ( with the current 2.5.1-alpha ( implying there have been 7 additional updates to 2.5.1-alpha that aren’t apparent on GitHub.



At a previous software company I worked at the CTO threatened “will this developer blend” when he found out changes had been released under the same version number, prompting the confusion you and I had Bruce…

I think the developer concerned learnt his lesson…


Why is the boss always watching when you screw up but is off on vacation when you make hero?! :slight_smile:

As long as they continue using this process, I know how to check if there’s something new. The info appears to be in place, just not visible at the top level. I’ll live with that for now.



I do NOT like cloud software, and one of the main bad things with that is that the business model is always “subscription”. I want an app which can be used offline, forever, without some stupid subscription needed to make it work :slight_smile:


Has anyone tried running Roast Time on MacOS Catalina Beta yet? I’m wondering if it is compatible with the new OS coming out?


There are a number of other reasons I’m delaying Catalina for as long as possible…