RT 2.5.1-alpha Released


Sounds like a good idea… I’d like avoid leaving a trail of burnt coffee grounds pointing to my dumb mistakes! :slight_smile:


I see that Release Notes have made it back into RoasTime now - could we get the same for the firmware releases somewhere ?


@stuartmcknight, I can confirm what you’re saying–you can make manual changes while running a recipe, but the next trigger will still take effect.


Just noticed that when changing Account Settings (the little gear icon at lower left of RT window) for line-color selection in the Roasting Settings under Theming, labeling for ROR and Exhaust Temperature are reversed. Wasn’t apparent till I chose some colors that were dramatically different. Well… to the extent anything about choosing line color can be ‘dramatic’.



It’s coming…


The legend is also reversed in the graph…RoR is Exhaust


I’m not finding Release Notes… where in RT are they?



Here you go (of course you have to read the release notes to know where they are ;-))


Interesting… not in RT 2.5.1-alpha. As I type this I’m connected to the internet but not to the Bullet. However, it appears you weren’t connected to your Bullet for this screen shot. I won’t go back to 2.5.0-beta as that version has the screen jitter. Mmmm… unless 2.5.0-beta was updated since I d/l’ed it and there was no version ID change.

Just d/l’ed 2.5.0-beta again and checked Properties. I see under Details that the current 2.5.0-beta is release, but what I had d/l’ed on 22 July is Installed each and the …161 version gave me a white screen- a Menu bar but no text or graphics; the newer …162 gave me a proper screen but no release notes. Re-installing 2.5.1-alpha ( didn’t magically fix anything either.

So I have jumped to the conclusion that you’re using a Mac and there’s a conspiracy afoot to force Windows users to buy a Mac! :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you Stuart. Now I know what I’m missing!



Not a Mac (you can tell if you look at the menu bar) but doubting minds need proof -


I don’t get it. What’s happening here?

No Mail/Message icon like you have. It’s missing. And I’m logged into Roast.World. Your image is cropped so I don’t see the icon but I assume it’s there.

Is there something I’m not doing to get the icon to appear?


Edit: I just logged out then logged back in but no joy.


Smug mode enabled :joy:


Hah! Bet you’ve got a separate 300 Baud modem hardwired into Aillio!


Sometimes we release different alpha versions with the same version number.


Delete and close now implemented! You can download the alpha 2.5.1 again as it was updated. Just no warning when deleting yet.


I’ll look the other way as it was an alpha release…:joy:

But I still reserve smug mode.


Some folks are just too (wait for it!)… smug!! :joy:


OK… don’t hog the whole row. Time to move over one space. Just d/l’ed 2.5.1-alpha (now has an ID of; was and I too now have release notes. Hah!!



Welcome aboard Bruce. Now we just need those firmware release notes. What a demanding bunch we are :joy:


Indeed! :slight_smile: