RT 2.5.1-alpha Released


Last night I found a newer version on 2.5.1-alpha on GitHub ( No idea what’s different as Release Notes don’t cover the alpha. I’m all in with development testing so I installed it. It’ll be a couple days before it cools down enough in SE AZ so I can give it a try- probably Thursday.



I haven’t had a chance to test it yet either – we aren’t quite ready to begin roasting in the new office yet – but from what I heard from Jacob the most obvious difference is the addition of info popups over the buttons. For those of us who have been using it for awhile it is perhaps not so useful, but for newcomers popups will be very helpful I think.


There have been times I wished for popups (at one time MS had ‘tool tips’… same thing?). If it adds insight it’s probably good. You used to be able to turn them ON/OFF in Windows, so some users may have to make a setup change to see them.

That’s not bad duty writing code in a coffee lab! :slight_smile:



Had a chance to try

  • Tool Tips (popups) are indeed visible now for a few of the selection icons. However they didn’t appear till about the 3rd roast… ??
  • Tried the Copy Roast ID. The result was less than spectacular- what gets copied to the clipboard is a hex string and not the text of the roast name. I didn’t try saving the profile for fear of losing the comments data, but maybe I don’t understand what the copy feature is supposed to do. I expected the Roast Name (the top line in the “Update roast profile” window) to be inserted. I used Ctl-V to insert and I also tried Rt-Click -> Paste with the same results both times. This is what I saw:

Roast Name: 19-08-23 | Peru Caserio -> FC+ (445°F/7F°)
Roast Name: 31c7509b-d409-4bff-a7e5-4f27a38e20e7

Maybe I’m misusing the Copy feature… ??

If there are other things to look at I’ll need a few hints what to look for.