RT 2.5.5-alpha released

Just found RT 2.5.5(.199)-alpha on GitHub. Has an issue with scaling:

  • Noticed in charts selected from Roasts I’m seeing °C numbers & scaling which are marked as °F. I have °F selected in Preferences. The first chart I look at is ok, but when I use the arrows (upper right) to scan thru other charts I see the change in scaling. If I go back to the list of charts and select any other chart, once again the scaling is correct for my preferences, but advancing using the arrows repeats the error. So it’s repeatable.

I’m currently using build 199 but build 197 has the same behavior.


Just found RT 2.5.5(.201)-alpha on GitHub. Dunno what the changes are but the °C/°F issue already mentioned is still there. Btw, the °C/°F issue doesn’t affect charts displayed on R.W… it’s specific to RT.