RT 2.5.5-beta released

Just d/l’ed RT 2.5.5(.202)-beta from GitHub. I’m guessing this is 2.5.5(.201)-alpha rolled forward into a beta.

Release notes (yay!) say “Logging fixes and improvements”. Dunno if that’s logging from RT into R.W or roast logging inside RT or the Info panel (or ??), so need to watch for changes there.

The improper display of °F using °C scaling persists when viewing roasts when scanning thru using the ‘Arrows’ (upper right).


Ps- Guess I need to ask “How am I supposed to forward bug reports?”

RT 2.5.5(.203)-beta is available on GitHub.

There are probably other fixes but the °C displayed as °F when scanning thru charts (mentioned above) was fixed.

In RT 2.5.5(.203)-beta I said that the issue with °C data values with °F label was fixed but when I looked again I saw that while the chart data field was corrected, the value displayed for Pre-heat Temp is still °C value but with a °F label. Doesn’t affect the values as you mouse across the chart reading data values.

Edit: Just noticed that both Preheat Temp and Bean Temp (upper left of the Roast chart) have the same issue: the numbers are °C but the label is °F.


Thanks for keeping us updated on the newest updates. I still haven’t moved from 2.5.0 yet.

You’re welcome.

And I don’t blame you! I’m retired and I roast once per week. That leaves 6 days to buy more beans and paw thru charts. So I decided I may as well commit myself to whatever I can do for s/w development. Only got hung out to dry once and 2 or 3 kind folks here told me what direction to dig so I didn’t just make the hole deeper! :slight_smile:


A new(er) release of RT 2.5.5(.211)-beta is available on GitHub.

Looks like they rolled up a few changes in this mini-release, but no release notes. I did notice Pre-heat Temp is shown as °F using F° for the number (was C° labeled as F°). Going to take some digging to see what else might be there.


Thanks. I just got a shipment of new coffees yesterday. Plan on roasting a couple, then taking my fan off and cleaning for the first time, then likely upgrade.

With all these new versions since 2.5.0, I wonder why Aillio hasn’t placed a new “stable” release on their RT downloads site?

A guess is they’re rolling up a bunch of inconsistencies and small errors. There must be a bunch of things reported that don’t get posted here… maybe trouble reports? FaceBook? in-house testing at Aillio? Dunno.

Whatever, RT is getting better. And it appears Matt is the guy making it happen (!!!). Other than one hint on R.W under My Beans (which later disappeared), the R.W changes seem to be out of sight.


Wow! Must be Christmas. Another RT update: V2.5.5(.212)-beta is available on GitHub. Didn’t see obvious changes and there are no Release Notes.

I did update f/w and initially got the “… most be in OFF mode…” message which then cleared itself. I’ll post the rest of the story in the FW section.

New release- RT 2.5.5(.215)-internal (whatever that means) on GitHub.

I also found an additional release: RT 0.0.1(.216)-internal. I’m lost as far as the version ID but it apparently has slightly different content, i.e. .216 vs. .215.

Not sure which of these we’re to install (if either as I don’t understand the ‘internal’ tag). no release notes for either.