RT 2.5.5-stable Released

A new stable release of RT arrived today on GitHub. This release sheds the 20 MB added when was released so I jumped to the conclusion that this stable release lacks features introduced in

It is showing Page Not Found for the Mac version. Anyone getting that?


Just tried the link and it seems to work ok to the point of letting me choose to Save the (darwin) file (didn’t execute the save).


A newer stable release of RT 2.5.5-stable just popped up on GitHub.

Thanks. I don’t see any mention of it in the Release Notes section of “Messages and Notes” in RT while roasting. You’re already on 2.5.6, so you’re not gonna run it, right? I’m on the original 2.5.5 stable, and probably won’t, unless I see something.

I’ll stay with the -beta for now. There’s no significant change in the 2.5.5stable configuration identity, so it’s likely only minor differences are included. As you indicate, when there’s something that’s a bigger step forward he usually includes a Release Note.

The more interesting thing to catch my eye was the Linux release of RT 3.0.1-internal. So something bigger is in the works.