RT 2.5.6-alpha Released


Just found a new RT 2.5.6(.221)-alpha available on GitHub. The (.221) is part of my file-saving convention to keep track of releases with changes that have no identity/version change. The “.221” shows up in Properties on the Details tab as Product Version (at least it does in Win 10).

This release must have substantial changes if file size is any indication: ~120 MB (64-b Win version). That’s about 20% larger than previous file size.

Login info is gone and has to be re-entered (e-Mail + p/w). On the surface everything looks the same. A confirmation box about releasing roast info popped up when I launched it the first time. Found all the color preferences changed to Aillio default, so that has to be set again.

No release notes.



Yeah this should support the new Mac version, so a lot had to be changed according to Matthew.