RT 2.5.6-beta Released

A new release of RT just showed up on GitHub. This release still has the added 20 MB that came with 2.5.6-alpha. Don’t see anything abvious just launching the app so it will take a little use.

Something that showed up with the preceding -alpha release is a blank legend on the X- (Time-) axis. As the chart progresses, the missing values of time are added, but it differs from prior versions that filled in the Time-axis when the chart launched.

Additionally it appears that selecting Yellow Point, First Crack Start, etc all have a slightly different behavior now. A quick click on the button does not guarantee that the event will be recorded. I’ve seen this complaint reported elsewhere on R.W as well.


I have no issues with YP, FC, etc, but when I overlay roasts the scale on the control settings (under the graph) does not match the overlay settings - and sometimes is blank. (Mac OS Mojave)

Control events are particularly faulty in Win 10-

  • no new (current) events are recorded until after disabling Overlay then re-enabling.
  • once I disable Overlay then return, new-event positions on the chart appear but start sliding, i.e. the event seems to lose its time reference.
  • with no current-time marker on the events it’s difficult to get the time right, but that may be cosmetic by comparison to the display issues.

So for the moment I try to use the Overlay without disabling & re-enabling the feature. The concept is really good and I look forward to having it cleaned up.


I’m not using 2.5.6-beta, but I notice the same faulty time references on my Mac with 2.5.0. It appears that It stems from having differing total roast times for each overlaid roast, and the bottom bars for fan, drum and power do not get re-scaled properly. Annoying, when you want to compare events on two different profiles!

As I understand it, Overlay has been unchanged for a long time. I think it’s in the queue so I keep haunting the d/l page! :slight_smile:


Another Win version of RT 2.5.6(.222)-beta just showed up on GitHub.

Interestingly I also noticed a new Linux version- RT 3.0.1-internal. I assume this means for Aillio internal use/test. So it appears that new things are coming.