Rt 3.1.2 digital signature complaints

My RT software updated to 3.1.2 and Norton is complaining that RT doesn’t have a valid digital signature.

Also want to add, when I went into RT->Tools to force update the drivers, Norton also complains it is a trojan. I had to disable Norton to get the drivers.


  • re: digital signature… That’s the current norm. Apparently you did the “install anyway” path which is correct for the RT3 install.
  • re: Norton warning… at least one other has seen this warning. If you installed the drivers from within RT3 you’re getting the proper drivers.

You should be good to go.


Had to temporarily disable Norton for the driver to even successfully download to my laptop.

I think that’s what I’ve read here that others have had to do. It didn’t come up with my McAfee installation (though McAfee has gotten it wrong in other instances).