RT 3.17 could be unstable?

Hi @mcaillio,

I find that %50 of the time, RT3.17 hangs mid roast. It doesn’t disconnect but the data will start lagging where the face plate on the machine will show 7 mins while the software could be at ~3mins.

When I finish the roast the software shows all the data as if there was no issue.

I have also noticed that sometimes the left side of RT3.17 is blank (no information is showing ) . If I restart the app it fixes it but still a little concerning.

I wonder if other are seeing similar problems?

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I’ve seen this too but the delay was not as dramatic… I was seeing 1-3 seconds of delay then RT3 would catch-up and keep pace for a few seconds then lag behind again. I guessed it was a resources issue with my laptop not keeping up with data from the roaster.

Matt did some changes to reduce RT3 resource usage but I don’t know what version it is/will be. It’ll be Monday (?) before he gets back to look at it.


i was thinking it could be my computer. maybe there is a simple way to check? im using a low cost laptop but RT2.55 didnt have any issues which make me wonder if there is more data being transferred in RT3.17 that is causing this lag. anyway, i can still roast but it would be good what they say

Maybe not the same issue/cause but I was roasting last night and noticed a 5-8 second delay when changing one of the controls (power,fan). The next roast I re-started RT and the problem went away.

I just completed two roasts on 3.1.7 and did not notice any software delays. Running on a 2nd gen Surface Pro Win10.


So far no noticeable issues on macOS Big Sur 11.3.1 (20E241) on a Mac Mini with M1.

I’ve just done 4 roasts today without noticing any lag between the bullet display and software. Seemed to respond instantly to actions on roast time as well.

Just done four roasts back-to-back and the last one froze mid-roast. I’m using the Prediction tool, which could be resource heavy.

Did the data load after you finished your roast or did you lose the data?

Lost the data. Was looking like a decent roast as well. Hope I’ve saved it

I get no lag that I know of but I have been getting a very problematic issue with the display inside the RT application window going blank. Most times I can fix by resizing the window, but after it happens I can never go back to maximized, often I have to settle for a much smaller window size. Not very pleased with this behavior.

Hey all,

I was out for a couple weeks due to having a new baby - but I am reading through all your issues and will try to get fixes out this week.

The prediction tool is pretty resource-heavy, if you are having issues I would start by disabling that as @scottwaugh pointed out.


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Congratulations on your new addition!

Regarding resource use by the prediction, how about adding the option to display one predictor…and not the other. I never use the BT predictor. Turning that off should help.

Congratulations @mcaillio on your new addition! Trainee barista in the making :rofl:
Indeed, perhaps if you can investigate how to empty the memory cache at the end of each roast, that may help with the production tool resource? Fwiw, RW crashed after three back-to-back roasts (during roast 4).

Thinking back on it it, issues seems to get worse as I roast more. I’m usually doing 6-10 roasts per session and the 1st couple are fine. Then I throw in my Jamaica blue mt in and I get to roast blind😂

@sambuist @scottwaugh If either if you aren’t on slack and want to test an early version that I hope fixes your issue, please join up and ping me: Slack

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