RT 3 Install Error

I’m trying to install RT3.0 on a system running Windows 7 64bit. I encountered the following error:
The procedure entry point SetDefaultDllDirectories could not be located in the dynamic link library Kernel32.dll. I double checked and the version I downloaded is RoasTime 3.0.78x64.exe
Any help would be appreciated.

Could you try running the setup file as administrator?
Right click the setup file → run as administrator.

Got the same error when running as administrator.

Could you try this fix: windows 7 - procedure entry point setdefaultdlldirectories could not be located kernel32.dll - Super User

I had the same problem with same system.
Running all the Microsoft Updates worked.

Just spent 1 1/2 hrs trying to get Windows 7 to update. No luck. Now I remember why I switched to Apple 7 years ago. I guess I’ll just stay with RT 2.5

The Windows update seemed to install but RT 3 install still generated the same error.

It is really difficult to help you more as this is a windows issue, not a RT problem. As @pafcio0 mentioned, updating his worked and this was the same solution that I found googling the problem.
Enabling automatic updates and giving it time to do so might work.

Unfortunately (as you probably know) Microsoft support for Win7 ended in Jan this year. I still support 2 machines that run legacy s/w requiring Win7. It’s prayer-time every fall when I have to bring the system up again. Win10 has been a much more reliable choice for me, but if you have legacy s/w on your machine then there’s not a lot of choice. For me, the ‘blue screen of death’ disappeared once I made the transition Win7 → Win8.1 → Win10.


Jacob I totally understand. Thanks for your suggestions.

In the unlikely event that someone in the future has the same issue as me, I “upgraded” to Windows 8.1 and was able to install RT 3 without any issues. I’ll be running a roast later today so fingers crossed.

You must be relieved that it actually helped going to 8.1! I had much better results from Win8.1 compared to Win7 but I would still get a rare blue screen. Upgrading Win8.1 → Win10 ended that crash. I haven’t seen the blue screen in literally years. Doesn’t mean your experience would necessarily be the same of course.