RT and RW bean inventory sync issue?

I’m having an odd problem today with editing my roasts on RT 3.4.1 (f/w 562 on Win10). RT is not picking up my bean inventory from RW. When I go to edit a roast on RT in the Bean field it is not picking up many of my beans. It is giving me options for beans I roasted last week (which was when I roasted with RT 3.4.1 for the first time).

When I go to edit on RW and come back to RT, and I try to edit on RT an untitled roast to add the same bean as the first roast (as a test) RT was still not picking up that bean.

Did anyone else have an issue like that?

Might be an issue with sync’ing beans though you apparently have no trouble sync’ing roasts… ?? Derrick won’t be in till late today but I’ll leave him a note with a link to this post.


No issues sycning the roasts itself … that was synced immediately. Not sure if there is some residual issues from the bean inventory changes…

Hey @blacklabs,

Hmm, this is a weird issue. I’ll do my best to help debug this.

  1. Can you try searching for the bean by its name in the roast edit’s bean field?
  2. Can you double check if the beans are available in the “All your beans” page?

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This is about bean inventory but something else. We started using a new bean from March. On receipt of the beans, I entered a temporary name for it. Later, I edited the same on Roast World. When I open RoastTime, the bean appears with the temporary name. When I enter the edited name, it shows not found.

@derrxb I’ll take a look later as RT is on a different laptop.

Hey @derrxb seems like the bean inventory still has some issues on RW.

I did some “bin end” roasting today (i.e. roasting the remaining odd and end) but two of my beans is showing that I have significantly more than I actually had:

I roasted these two beans today and I only had 264gr of the Mexico Chiapas left and I only had 712gr of the Bali left - both of which I roasted today to finish them up. But my inventory shows I have 2 kg of the Bali left and 1 kg of the Mexico Chiapas left. This doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m not going to zero these out until you get a chance to look at it.

Hey @blacklabs,

Thanks for reporting. I’ll take a look at this and write back here about a fix :slight_smile:


Hi @blacklabs,

I looked at the history of the beans and their linked roasts to trace down the cause of this.

It seems like the last weight on the Mexico bean was 2.268kg from a 7 months ago. There’s two roasts #97 & #99 linked to this bean for a total of 1.264kg. So the current amount is the starting amount - the total which leaves 1.004kg. Perhaps there’s a roast that wasn’t linked to this bean? Roast #67 seems to be the missing link as it’s a 1kg roast. If we subtract this amount, it would leave about 0.004kgs in your inventory.

I don’t remember the exact dates but this might have been an issue caused by when we released the updated inventory. The previous inventory did not always work as expected and so this might explain why #67’s roast weight wasn’t deducted.

It seems like the same reasoning can be applied to the Indonesian Bean since the last weight for that was also 7 months ago.

I’d say it’s safe to zero these out because it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the current inventory. Rather, it’s a remnant of the old inventory system.

Let me know if this explanation makes sense. :smile: Happy to help further debug this.


Hey @derrxb

Ok so I don’t know when you rolled out your recent inventory changes, but the Bali comment is curious because I have roasted it as recently as Aug 20 - did your :cockroach: fixes done after that? Just curious…

I’ll zero these out.

One other thing I noticed that bothered me quite a bit. I was editing my roasts on RT and realized my laptop wasn’t on the internet (the roasts profiles were already on RW as I was editing day after roasting). I connected to the internet while in the roast profile edit screen, finished my edits and saved, I noticed that it saved my edits for roast #101 to the first roast (#99) and the edits to the first two roasts (#99 and 100) was lost. This really bothered me because I was concerned that my actual roast profile data was over written, I was able to determine that data was not overwritten, only the edits of other meta data (roast weight, etc) was overwritten. Are you able to assess what was going on here? This leads me to the question of when syncs happen between RT and RW, how do you reconcile the data in such case and might there be a bug in my scenario?

Hey @blacklabs,

Your last part is actually a really great question. So far we’ve taken the approach of the most-recent-edit wins. I.e. if you’re offline and you edit a roast profile timestamp of the edit date is tracked. The same happens if you’re online and edit your profile on RW. During syncing, we compare the dates and choose the most recent edit. I think the main idea is that if you’re online, your roasts would have synced up by the time you’ve gone to RW to edit. (this doesn’t work too well if you’re roasting on one device and then editing on a separate computer).

In RT v4, we are exploring handling more complex use cases related to this though. I’d also like to note that RW only really changes the metadata of the roast and so the worse case scenario is the metadata is overwritten.