RT oddity--saved roast also appears as my original roast

Today I ‘saved’ a roast by another user, and it has appeared as one of my own original roasts in both RoastTime and on roast.world. It also appears in my ‘Saved Roasts.’ I have quit and restarted RT and the web browser several times, etc. If you look at my roast list, its date is Feb. 19th, 2023, and the bean is Yemen Mokha Hajjia.I did not roast at all on Feb. 19th.:slight_smile:

Interestingly, the roast is attributed to me, and appears to be fully editable in its incarnation as my original roast. I was glad to see that I cannot edit the ‘Saved Roasts’ version.

I have RT 3.4.1 and firmware version 605; both have been in use for months w/o issue. I’ve been running MacOS 12.6.3 on an older Mac Mini, with no previous issues.

Hi @matt_h ,

Thanks for your report, we’ll investigate what happened.

Could you confirm that this is the roast in question?

Yes, that is the roast in question. I’m sorry for the late response; I’ve been out of pocket.