RT3 and Roast.World Unable to sync


New Aillio user here and have done a few roasts using RT3 but have not been able to get it to sync to roast.world or beta.roast.world. Any ideas? Aillio support hasn’t been helpful.

-I’m using the same user name for both
-I deleted antivirus to eliminate that as an issue
-My beans (inventory) is able to sync, but not history of roasts.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

This is a pretty lame reply but… ??

I’m a Win10 user so there may be some differences I’m not aware of if you’re on a Mac or Linux.

Since you’re a new user I presume you have been using only RT3 and aren’t talking about sync’ing RT2 files from the old server. That means the problem is you have your roasts accessible in RT3 but they aren’t appearing on beta.roast.world.

  • You need to be successfully logged into both beta.R.W & RT3 at the same time in order to sync (you must have done that since you said you sync’ed Beans).
  • The Bullet doesn’t need to be connected to sync.
  • beta.R.W needs to be at https://beta.roast.world/me… that’s your Dashboard (again, you must have that since you sync’ed Beans)
  • In the upper right corner of the Roast History page of RT3 is a Sync icon for Roasts (to the left of “Go to Roast ->”) that you need to click-

I found the sync to be s-l-o-w to transfer files so give it time… it’s transferring all files not just the missing files. There’s no progress indicator that I know of.

If you’ve already done all that then you need someone familiar with the internals of the server. Have you started a Trouble Ticket? If not you can do that on the Aillio site under Contact (not Support; Support is self-help files & videos).


Thanks Bruce - I’m logged into RT3 and beta.roast.world on a win8.1 machine. Never used or installed rt2 so old files shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve pressed that refresh button more times than I can count! Really wish there was a way to see a success/failure indicator on uploads.

I’ve been emailing Aillio for a week now and they haven’t been able to figure it out either. Quite frustrating after spending $3k on a new machine!

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I have same issue, only I’m on Mac

Uninstall and make sure to delete all the folders/files then reinstall the program. (save the json roast files if you want)

Worked for me.

Hey @aalkaabi and @Enjocoffee,

Were you guys able to figure this issue out? Is it only roasts that cannot sync?

I checked in our system and it does seem to show roasts for your account @Enjocoffee. Perhaps you’re using different logins?