RT3, roast.world, and roast data analysis

Is there currently a best-practice method to obtain all of the JSON files for my roasts using the current tools?

On my Mac it appears that I could rsync them out of ~/Library/Application Support/roast-time/roasts into a working directory; just wondering if there’s a more above board approach, and whether there are any caveats regarding what’s stored there.

There is no best practice. If you just copy to a working dir you should be fine.
I’m sure there are mac tools to compare two directories and copy only the difference to your working folder.


The following rsync command will, on a Mac, synchronize the contents of the RoasTime roasts directory to a target directory:

rsync -avzh --delete "/Users/your-user-name/Library/Application Support/roast-time/roasts/" destination-path

(the --delete option doesn’t do anything to the data in the RoasTime directory; but it will removes files in the destination directory that aren’t in the RoasTime directory, so take care to choose the destination so that it is empty to begin with, and don’t put anything else in that directory)

I’m going to be looking at the data in a Jupyter notebook so that step won’t even be necessary; some python to hoover up all the JSON files in the roasts directory should work.

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