RT4.6.16 B2B roasts w/ recipes - change or bug?

I often do B2B roasts using the same recipe. In the past I don’t recall needing to re-select the recipe for the 2nd and later roasts. Today, using 4.6.16 (just updated from an earlier version of v4), the second roast did not use the recipe. I would prefer b2b roasts to default to using the recipe from the prior roast.

Is this a known change or a defect?

You change this in settings:

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Thanks for pointing this out.

I am curious, when was this added and why did the default behavior change?

I didn’t see this in any release notes. Is there some place I should be watching for future changes like this?

Some early RT4 updates would lose some user settings… they’d revert to defaults. More recent releases do a good job retaining your settings. If there were significant steps in updates to Client & Proxy you may have gotten blind sided. Going forward I suspect you won’t have an issue with losing your settings… I don’t recall an issue in several months.

Edit- Also if you tried a different Theme (even if you reverted to the old theme) you would have picked up the default for Single-use Recipes.


Hey @phil9083,

We have recently started to release notifications along with new releases. On future updates, you should be able to see a list of the changes that come in with each new update.