RT4 + RW: A Year in Review + Looking to the Future with Smart Predict

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RoasTime 4: You spoke. We listened.

RoasTime 4 launched in 2023, and the bulk of its new features and quality of life tweaks are in direct response to your feedback, especially on our community forums.

As a result, RT4 users can now roast in 8 different languages, upload their profiles to Cropster, create personalized bean blends, and create custom tags for their profiles for easy search and retrieval later.

Oh, and it all began with a complete front and back-end design overhaul, cuz we all like pretty things that also work very well.

Cropster Integration for the Big Boys

We suspect many home roasters have not ever heard of Cropster, but it’s a popular platform for professional roasters – the ones roasting a LOT of beans.

So this one is for all those brave souls burning through thousands of kilos on gigantic, fire-breathing steel dinosaurs. We love how you’re using the Bullet as a profile-developing tool to explore what’s possible with new coffees, and we want to make it even easier to incorporate the Bullet into your work flows.

So we did. Simply plug your Cropster API credentials into your Roast.World settings.

Voila! Bullet profiles on Cropster!

Nice Stash You Got There – A Better Way to Organize Your References

On previous versions of RoasTime, it could be difficult to quickly reference profiles and Roast Recipes you downloaded from others, because they were all lumped together with your own roasts.

They deserve their own space, and in RT4 they now have it. Your own personal “Stash” of references, always just a click away.

(If you haven’t yet begun to explore the potential of Roast Recipes, make sure to check out our new official Roast Recipe Collection, which we will continue to add to in 2024.)

“Tag”! You’re It! – Versatile Filtering Options

Speaking of making it easier to find things…

Need to pull up all of your ‘soak’ profiles all at once? Want to deep dive into your last ten ‘fruit bomb’ roasts?

We made it easy to filter your roasts however the hell you want to! (Just make sure you remember to add the tags.)

Roast Calendar – Plan for Success with Schedules!

The calendar view on RoasTime 4 isn’t only useful when you want to quickly pull up that one crazy roast you did a few weeks ago – it can also help you plan your next moves in advance.

Pick your beans and decide whether to roast manually, playback a previous roast, or rock a Champ’s Roast Recipe, as shown above. :slight_smile:

Bean Blends – Play the Matchmaker!

Have you been pre-blending formerly single-origin coffees into committed relationships with each other? You’re not alone.

Bean blends have long been a staple in the coffee community, but they caused some inventory headaches in the old RoasTime, as it was impossible to attach two beans to a single roast, thus forcing users to make manual inventory adjustments.

Now you can create a blend in Roast.World that will automatically deduct the correct weight of each bean from your inventory when you roast it. Nice.

Thinking About the Future with Smart Prediction

AI is more than a buzzword. It is the future. And we’re absolutely here for it.

Still in beta, Smart Prediction is the latest feature to be introduced to RT4. With Smart Prediction you can visualize the course of your roast before it happens – which is especially nice for those of us with a little less experience!

The tool leverages data from existing Roast.World profiles to predict the bean temperature of your current roast a full two minutes into the future. These predictions appear as a series of yellow dots on the live roasting graph, spaced in thirty second intervals.

Head to the settings menu to enable it – and remember that you’ll need to enter your green weight and be roasting while connected to the internet for it to work.

2,291,003… and Counting…

At the time of this writing, 2,291,003 is the exact number of roast profiles on currently stored on Roast.World.

But 2,291,003 also represents an opportunity – roasting data that we can leverage to create new tools and ultimately improve everyone’s coffee roasting experience, together.

Needless to say, although Smart Prediction is technically our first foray into the world of machine learning, it definitely won’t be our last. In fact, we’ve already begun work on new AI based features, even as we continue to refine our first.

But that’s not the only thing we’re working on. In 2024, you can also expect to see:

  • A Roast.World design overhaul.
  • Tighter integration of social features and more opportunities for users to connect with each other in meaningful ways.
  • More robust software documentation and how-to guides.

Stay tuned. :slight_smile:


I can’t find how to create a bean blend on Roast.World or in the app itself. Could you please post a link?

Hey @kashifnoorani,

There’s an additional option in the beans section of the sidebar navigation. You should be able to see your existing blends (when you create them) and to create blends from here.

Some more direct links:


Thanks for your reply. I had expected it logically to show up there but it doesn’t for me.

This is awesome! Thanks for the care and effort you put into the software and this community.
Can I throw in a request to be able to choose the ror-frequency reading? I find that the ror is noisy from adding a point every 1-2 seconds, and it would be super nice to be able to have an option to smooth that out and see what’s actually happening during the roast.
Anyways, thanks again for the update!

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Any updates on the bug where the titles and descriptions delete?

I agree, I would even suggest the ability to smooth the curve after the roast as an option

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@kafei that sounds wonderful, thank you!

BTW of the champ’s roast, was the roast shown here done by Andrew?

Interesting he called 209°c “light” - and also interesting he started at P9 and 250° for only 500g… but I suppose having the fan on 5 meant he didn’t whack it as hard as it may seem… also only 110v. I’d like to try his recipe, but at 230v, not sure it’d still work, may need to moderate it.

Hey @kashifnoorani,

Is this still missing? We built this feature using feature flags and released it around the same time for everyone. It might be a bit delayed for it to be applied to your account.

If it’s still not showing let me know and we will get this sorted out.


Thanks for following up - yes, it’s still missing. Would appreciate it if it were turned on for me.

Thanks for confirming, will get this sorted out