Running Recipes


I am new to this forum and just received my Aillio from Sweet Maria’s. I am trying to figure out how to use someone else’s recipe on my Aillio. I tried to save a recipe but I can’t figure out how to “run” the recipe on my actual machine.


In RT3, go to the Recipe page (you’ve apparently gotten that far already since you have a Recipe). To the right of the Recipe name are 3 icons. You need to click the icon that is a right-pointing triangle (the traditional Play button)…
Recipe Play button

Once you click that you should see a transparent “Cancel” button at the lower right of the screen indicating the Recipe is running. Now go to the Roast page of RT3 and launch Preheat.


Edit- I neglected to say that there’s now a “tracker” for Recipes. Launch the Info panel. That panel has 3 tabs the right-most of which is the Recipe tab. Click that and a small version of the Recipe will appear. Each step will get a check mark as it completes.