Rwandan started with amazing fruit but later turned into peanutbutter

I roasted ~1lbs of Rwanda Dry Process Rusizi Nyakarenzo from Sweet Marias. It came in the sample pack I got with the Bullet. I roasted it based on a friend’s recommendation. The roast seemed to go alright. FC was kind of hard to hear with this bean so I think I missed the marks on my chart but otherwise.

I started drinking it 2 days after a roast and was amazed at the fruit bomb! I so stoked, it was exactly what I wanted! The fruit lasted another 3 days but now it smells and tastes like peanut butter. I’ve searched high and low for info on what could have gone wrong but ‘peanut butter’ doesn’t seem to yield anything useful. I suspect I baked the beans but I don’t know enough, yet, to say that for sure.

I don’t have any more of it so I can’t try anything else but I’m hoping to learn what went wrong so I can avoid it in the future.

Quakers are often described to have a peanut butter flavor. They’re coffee seeds that never developed enough sugar to change color in the roast and come out light brown in color. They’re more common in natural processed coffees because they are floated off the top in washed process coffees to eliminate them.

I knew someone who would save the quakers to munch on as he enjoyed the peanut butter flavor. Most people pick out the quakers out of the roast.


Thanks for the reply!

I did have a few that I pulled out and a few more that were questionable that I left in. Would a few quakers in around half a pound make the whole thing smell and taste like peanut butter?

I’m not sure, I’ve had coffee that smelled like nuts, some described as peanut butter that weren’t due to quakers.

Quakers are described as peanut buttery but it takes a lot to influence the coffee:

Peanuts not potatoes (pyrazines)?

This morning the coffee smelled like nutter butter cookies. Super strong peanut butter. I’ve roasted a few other beans since that all seem to be fine so this might just stay a mystery…

I also received this coffee with the sample pack that came with my bullet and had the exact same experience. Either we both screwed up the same way or it is something with the coffee (potato defect?). I am still learning a ton about roasting with the Bullet (upgraded from a Behmor) so I am hesitant to say it is 100% the bean, but glad to find out it isn’t just me experiencing this with this particular bean.

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Had the same experience with an Indonesian bean, within the first few days after roast, it had this intense honeydew flavours, which disappeared totally on day 5. My guess is there are certain flavour/chemcial compounds which are particularly volatile and sensitive to time/brew methods.

It’s not the potato defect. You’ll know it when you taste it, it’s nasty.

I received this same Rwandan as a sample when I bought the Bullet. Exact same experience. First few days it was a deep rich fruit bomb. Later it had a distinct peanut butter aroma. Almost like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Hi - did anyone check in the Sweet Maria’s to see what they had to say? They are pretty helpful?

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