Rwandan Struggle

Hey all. I am roasting Rwanda Nyamasheke Macuba and failing to get a good roast, particularly when used in my drip brewer. The roasts have had an astringency that I want to get rid of and a lack of sweetness.

I don’t think I have posted on Roast World before so please bear with me if the links and such don’t work…

I want to post a couple of different profiles that both have the astringency problem. I’ll note that I have been roasting with my Bullet for a year and it has been a struggle to get consistently good roasts.

This profile was very good with a Guatemalan but not so much with this Rwandan.

This profile is something I tried after reading a thread on RW where underdeveloped roasts were being discussed. The sweetness of this roast is improved, the astringency is a little better, but it’s definitely still there. Note: I am drinking it (drip) on less than 24 hours rest.

Thank you!

Hey there!

I believe that you’re going a bit too aggressive with your heat for your Rwandan roast. It makes sense that the Guatemalan works well with this profile due to Guatemalan beans typically being a super hard bean (SHB), meaning they are more dense. More dense beans conduct heat easier, allowing for roasting at quicker rates without under-roasting the center of the bean while charring the outside.

For your Rwandan beans, I would aim for a longer caramelization phase (middle of the roast) and then a quicker development phase (after 1st crack to the end). I’d also try with a lower charge temperature (to let the increased caramelization phase allow for the bean to be more uniformly heated) and potentially drop out your beans slightly sooner (to accent those fruit notes).

Let me know how it goes!