Same Problem with Roastime 3.4.1

Hi Everyone, I posted this several weeks ago and i’m having the same problem again. My roaster will not connect to my PC or My Mac. I have taken a video and picture of what happens. When I go to my Roast the ‘Roaster Startup’ light is Yellow but the ‘my roast’ is green and it says to pre heat your roaster. The software just keeps flashing back and forth and will now allow me to go into my roast. i’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the software. i tried rebooting my computer and also rebooting the roaster. turning it on and off does nothing for me. This is so frustrating as we are a small batch roaster and rely on our profiles to roast specific origin coffees. We are at the point where we are very frustrated. Would be nice to even get it connected to my computer.

I am sure you have tried to change the USB cables and to make sure the connection between the PC and Bullet is good. In that case, my experience is to remove the USB driver specifically for the Bullet (not the RT software) and reinstall the driver.

ok, i will try that. seems to be working on and off. i purchased a new cable today, tried it but still got the same flashing. I wonder if the plug on the ailio is damaged? feels loose when i move it around while the cable is plugged in. seems really flimsly. ailio should fix this in future updates of this unit. seems a shame. i really love the machine.

Hope everything is fine with your Bullet…let us know how it turned to be…I too like this machine.

Looks like it may be a problem with the connection to the back of the bullet. Purchased a new cable and once plugged in I have it at a slight angle up attached with some tape and so far it seems to be working fine. Allio should fix this problem or change the type of connection or location in future updates.

Thanks for the update and solution.