Save Locally v the Cloud

Is it possible to only save my roasts locally (on my computer) vs upload? Or at least mark my roasts as private for my eyes only?


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This is a feature in RT v3 that will be coming out though in regards to Private Roasts.

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Please make it easy to set all roasts to private and not individual clicks.

There is a limit to the amount right now as its a beta feature (100 private roasts). But I can add an option to auto set to private until you run out?

Hi Matt - I don’t understand why there would be a limit to the number of private roasts presuming they are stored locally and your system has sufficient file space ? Once one reaches that limit, how do you continue - delete private roasts ? That sounds crazy.

I understand in principle your interest in generating a community but forcing people to air their dirty roasts in public regardless doesn’t seem a good idea to me. I feel there are already a number of Bulleteers who think of it as an appliance - throw green coffee in, download a profile off the Internet and hit PLAY. Job done. I think that’s going to end in disappointment due to varying voltages, environmental conditions etc from one roast(er) to another and that’s ultimately worrying if it leads to claims that the Bullet turns out rubbish coffee…

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Hey Stuart,

Private roasts are still stored privately in our datastore, but they will not show anywhere publicly. We still want to store these roasts on our end for debugging/logging, machine learning, and syncing across your own devices purposes. So I just want to clarify that this particular feature is for privatizing to the public, but not necessarily meaning that your roasts will not be sent to our server.

In regards to the limit - it is temporary while we refine the feature and isn’t set in stone. As you mentioned, there has always been big plans for RW and future features that really rely upon data sharing. We think there needs to be a healthy balance between open and private data, and I know we haven’t met that with you guys - but we are taking steps to try to find that balance.

I totally agree with you though and that is a really good thought. I will definitely talk to the Aillio team about your concerns.

Hey Matt

Thanks for clarifying - and just in case you have a voodoo doll of me to stick pins in, let me say I am whole heartedly behind your concept of remote diagnostics to help people like me out. I realize at the moment I’m off the radar in Artisan land but (in the hopefully unlikely) event I need you guys, I will fire up my Mac with RT on for triage.

I am as I said, a little worried some folks buy the Bullet because “for that money” it should do the roasting for me right ? I’ve even seen some people moan about the dead mans beep to make sure you are still there. They want a load it, set it and come back later experience it seems. And asking what is the smallest roast charge they can get away with and does someone have a profile for it.

It’s a bit like buying a Ferrari and moaning about how much gas it guzzles and jeez you have to put premium in too ? Maybe I’m an odd one, I bought coffee in 65lb bags because it gave me a better price point and I wasn’t scared of “wasting” it on experiments. In my mind, no experiment is really wasted.

OK, I’ll get off the sandbox for a while. I have the best interests of Aillio, its current and future products and the user community at heart. Honest.

One more grenade before I close. From a software perspective, would there be any chance you guys could work with the Artisan team to maybe improve or implement things like your remote diagnostics and an upgrade to use the new USB Windows driver ? I can’t imagine there’s a software sale conflict and to use an OS analogy, Artisan may not be the cuddliest of interfaces but for the most part, Linux geeks are still worth knowing. For those who want a plug n play experience, start with RoasTime. If you’re someone who wants to change a bunch of things, roll yourself an Artisan configuration. I’m sure we can all get along.

OK, I’ll get my coat…


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Haha! I definitely have no voodoo dolls for you Stuart. And I hope you guys know I want to create the best software for you as well. I had no roasting experience when I started, so it’s been a long road to figure out everything and I appreciate you all having the patience to stay with us. Aillio has gone through quite a few employee changes the past year, so things may have seemed stalled a bit, but we are definitely getting back on track.

That is definitely a possibility in regards to Artisan. I am actually a Linux user myself and do all my roasting/dev on Ubuntu, so I feel for you. I am hoping I can have as much configuration options as they do in the near future. I think v3 will help get us closer.

Even if you guys think you are being too vocal, I do appreciate it and I have no hard feelings towards everyone. This is how we work to create something better.



And let me add that I have no issues with the hardware phoning home to provide information on IBTS fan speeds, power board voltage thresholds, IGMT levels etc to help you guys improve the performance and/or reliability of the current and future products to see how a firmware update actually worked out in the wild.

I’m with you on this, I think. I’m saying “I think” because I haven’t yet used Artisan, but have it on the Mac and have been setting it up for the Bullet. I don’t have any experience roasting with it, but I too am tending to lean toward an off-line solution as opposed to a forced online solution. I’m happy to share data when it makes sense to me to do so, but to be forced to goes a bit against the grain for me.

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