SCAA Expo in Boston in April

I see that Aillio will be at the SCAA expo in Boston That’s in my “back yard” (so to speak).

Anyone from these forums going to be to the Expo?
Has anyone been to one of these, what was your experience and it is worth it?

I went to the last one held in Boston. It was incredible with people from all over the world. It gives you an idea how big the specialty coffee industry is. I would pay the price for registration perhaps for one day. It will be quite a memory for you.

Guys, we might have some free tickets we can give you - two day expo badge. We are looking into this and will announce something soon.


Thanks @melepstein for that input.

@jacob :clap:t3:

Curious to hear who will be at the Boston show from Aillio? Would like a chance to thank you in person!

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Jonas and I, Taylor, another Jacob (PR), Rasmus from Aillio Europe (brother) and Matthew (lead dev software).


Here is the link to register for those free 2 day passes. :slight_smile:

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@jacob just put in a request for one of your free tickets. Hope to meet you and Matt in-person!

Fantastic! Looking forward to that too!

Will it be possible to grind and brew up some coffee at the Aillio booth? Would be fun to bring some beans from a couple of my roasts, brew them up, and discuss them.

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Yeah feel free to bring them along. We will have a setup to brew, but can’t promise how much time we have for cuppings.

Hey @jacob - I just checked out the exhibit floor plan and found your booth near the exit. Looking forward to meeting you and @mcaillio on Saturday!


To the Aillio team @jacob, @jonas, @mcaillio … it was so great to meet you all IRL and thanks so much for the free pass. Being able to chat in person is such a pleasure. The new machine is a beauty to see.

@bradm - it was truly my pleasure to finally meet you after just over a year of learning from your roasting comments and your profiles, to catch up and to get your roasting tips in-person! :slight_smile: Now I need to get back to roasting next weekend…


Excellent time meeting everyone today at SCCA Boston. Really satisfying to be able to say thanks in person for the hard work Aillio team puts into our roasters. Also great to see the new AIO and hear some design backstory. Some very advanced engineering has been done on that machine. Most impressive!


Thank you @bradm and @blacklabs for coming to say hi! It was truly a pleasure to meet you in real :smiley:
I am sure we met a lot more who are in this forum as well, so thanks to everyone who came by.

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