Searching Beans from LIbrary

I have an impossible time finding beans. The vendors in the list are shown multiple times, and you cannot just “Search” for a bean (as far as I can tell).

If you see that there at 20,000+ “Unknown” beans, it leaves me to believe improvement is needed badly.


  • Provide a “Search bean” option with Wildcards “*”. (A good “Step 1” for a user)
  • If a bean is not found, prompt to add the bean.
  • In the “Add Bean” dialogue, a dropdown of all vendors (By Alpha), should be provided. At this point if the vendor is NOT there it can be added.

The first step should not be “Add Vendor”, as this generates a lot of duplicates.

I hope this is fixed soon, as it is too cumbersome to add beans at this point,

It would be great to be able to maintain our own lists of beans locally.


Hi @Jody_Akens, I’m Eli the newish UI/UX guy at Aillio. Thanks for your feedback, we are currently working on overhauling RoastWorld as well as the way RoasTime interacts with it. Improvements are needed and we are aiming to reduce unknown beans to zero :blush:

We are working in iterative cycles looking to deliver parts of this overhaul to you as soon as they are available. We’ll be rolling out a new ‘Create Bean’ experience very soon, and have already started to make some small temporary changes to the way the current RoastWorld works; these temporary changes will be superseded by an all new approach soon - starting with searching for beans.

In the interim if you visit Roast World - Cup, grade, and analyze your coffee roasts in depth you can now search for beans in a basic way, and navigate the list easier.

Looking forward to rolling out these improvements, and looking forward to hearing more feedback from the community.


Another issue with adding beans is that the price can vary for the same bean from the same source depending on the quantity purchased.

Hi @bengreens the price is something which is specific to your inventory - batch, you add this information when you add a bean to your inventory. The public index listing of the bean does not contain price.


Thank you, Eli. I was not aware of that!


I’ve noticed a general improvement with Beans. I’ve been able to wrestle most issues when adding/creating a bean and now have a decent list in My Beans. And inventory tracking seems to be working well. A couple issues I hope you tackle soon…

1- Need a way to add a Country when it’s not part of the built-in list, e.g. Yemen or Mexico.
2- I’d appreciate the option to use Pounds (weight) for inventory tracking (instead of having to go to a calculator and do the conversion to metric units).

Thanks for your work on this section!



Hi @bab,
Thanks for the feedback re the RW updates, that’s nice to hear. You’ll enjoy the new version we are pushing hard on, taking the inventory tracking to the next level.

I have requested Yemen to be added to the list for you, Mexico is actually already on there. We don’t allow users to create new countries as there’s a chance for unnecessary incorrect data to be added i.e spelling mistakes etc. We were sure all bean growing countries had been added but I guess that may expand slightly in the future.

Tracking for pounds is on the to do list, but at this stage as we are working towards the most priority features across RW and RT it is not high on the list, once we have the RW version live that should change though.

If your interested @bab I could keep you in mind for testing on the new RW version?

Thanks for the input and for adding Yemen. I understand the problem created by adding new countries like San Francisco or Yndshcfgks. Of course I’d never do that! :wink:

As you do more in Inventory perhaps you could clear up the labeling to make it obvious if Price is $/kG or total $ for the order. I think I figured out it was Total Price but… ??

Yes, happy to participate in the testing.


Hi Eli-

I replied on the forum but when I saw the e-Mail I thought I should Reply here as well. Yes, I’d be happy to participate in testing new RW features. I seem to be spending a lot of time there anyway… way more than I expected as I try to get my head wrapped around the new roaster!

Bruce Bowman

Benson, AZ (near Tucson, AZ)