Searching for Users on RW

As long as we are talking about searching and finding beans in Roast.World, what about searching for users? The title of the bar is “Find Users,” but I have found no way other than scrolling through the ever-increasing number of users, guessing who’s who. How about a name search, along with filters, such as how many roasts the user has done, world location, coffee preferences, etc.?


I just noticed that you can use the normal search button at the top right of the page to search for users by name (or part thereof). No filters or any of the other useful stuff you want, though.

Hmm, I do not see the search button to which you refer.

On my page, there is a magnifying glass near the upper right corner. If I click there, I get a search text entry field. Type a user name (or portion of one) and hit return… Là voilà!

This is using Firefox on a Windows 10 machine. Hope this helps!


On this page? Roast World - Cup, grade, and analyze your coffee roasts in depth
In the right upper corner, I have a notification bell and a drop-down menu only.

I just use the browser’s search feature (ctrl-f), but you may want to click the more button to load up the users before doing this. I don’t see a search icon on the page using chrome.

Sorry, I just got around to checking this out.

No, not the page you linked. I see it on the site, which is the one I was using to read the forum. I’m new to this, so I’m not really sure of what the actual difference is. Are there multiple ways to get to the same forum? That would be weird (and, frankly, bad/confusing).

the site displays the roaster and user information from individual RoasTime clients installed on user’s desktops and gives you access to coffee, roast, and user information. You can use this site to enter a new coffee to log in your RoasTime client.

The site is this forum.

Any plans or progress since Jan 19 on being able to actually being able to Find Users based on filters or searches??

It’s cool that the form has a smart bot and some smart NLP tools of suggesting that my topic is similar to previous posts. It helped me find this one without creating another. Still seems to be lacking good search tools. Similar issues with trying to search through beans and roast profiles.

A completely new site is underway, should have this feature.

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