Settings in RoastTime v3 (MacOS)

Hello. I’m new o roasting on the Bullet and I just downloaded RoasTime V3 (for Mac).

In RoastTIme, under “settings - Roast Config” in RoastTime, the default setting for the IBTS RoR field is marked “off,” and “probe” is selected as “the primary measure.”

Should I leave the defaults settings (as is), or is it better to switch them to “on” (for IBTS RoR) and “IBTS” (for the primary measure field).

Thanks for the help!

Why not try it both ways and see which one you like best? I tried using the IBTS RoR for a few roasts after it first became available but didn’t like it so switched it back off.

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Thanks, @kkrawford. Do you know what the difference is between the IBTS and the probe anyway. I read up on it and it says they both measure bean temp, so why both?

@ender the last post by @bab in this thread might help explain a little bit.

Thanks, @blacklabs.