Share your setup!

Here’s one more picture

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Creative! Is it permanently up or do you take it down after roasting?

a simple duct-taping solution, under a home kitchen range hoods which we have installed just for this roasting corner


Hi everybody, my name is Edwin, today I just “seasoned” the Bullet and did my first roast, a 1800m natural process Pacamara from my family’s farm @fincacampobello in Cerro Verde, El Salvador. At Campo Bello, we’re planting new Gesha from renowned Panamanian farms as well as Pacamara and Bourbon, consulting with Willem Boot of Boot Coffee and Finca Sophia, aiming to make one of the best coffee farms in Central America.

Had a bit of a surprise with all the smoke that came from the “seasoning” batch! Wasn’t ready for that.

My current setup is a bit minimal, but next week I’m having the exhaust duct installed, as well as buying containers for the coffee, and a bagging station. Really excited about doing experimentation on the Bullet, and about the community sharing their learnings. If anyone here is coming to El Salvador, hit me up for a tour of the farm.


Very very cool! How good would it be to offer super-premium greens with profiles on RW?!! Congratulations. Please keep us posted.

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here’s my setup:


Well done Harry!

Hi all

Very informative what you all have done to vent the smoke. I plan to be roasting my in kitchen under my 30 inch wide kitchen range hood that vents outside. The highest setting for this hood vent is 900 CFM (yes there is make up air as it is required by law in Massachusetts for any range hood above 400cfm). Based on the height of the Bullet there will be about 9 inches of gap to the bottom of the range hood. From your collective experiences will this be sufficient venting solution? I also have a kitchen window close by the stove that I can crack open if needed. Do you more experienced folks think I need to print the vent adopter with a bit more tubing to bring down the air gap between the bullet and the range hood?

It looks like some folks were setting up with the Cloundline S4 or S6 which looks like there is less cfm than my range hood. I hope my 900 cfm range hood is sufficient.

I have been roasting with a FreshRoast SR500 for years and prior to getting my range hood the FR would set off my smoke detector!! Now with the hood and the FR right underneath it hasn’t set off my smoke detector yet.

Appreciate any advice.

At 900 cfm I would think your hood exhaust fan has plenty of capacity, especially since you’re already roasting successfully with a fluid bed roaster that moves a lot of air. Your FR roaster pushes a lot of air to provide bean motion… exhaust is a natural consequence of that design. The Bullet’s exhaust fan moves a lot of air too, but has less force in the air movement since it doesn’t have to agitate the beans. Just pay attention when you start out that your roaster exhaust is moving toward the hood’s air inlet and not lingering without defined motion (you need smoke in the exhaust to see that). Having a window handy is great backup.


Thank you @bab for your insight to my question. It seems like I should be ok without a whole lot of additional rigging up to do. I plan to put the Bullet right under the hood - same with what I do with the FR roaster now. Your observations about the air movement between the FR and Bullet is very informative. I know with the FR on high fan it is a lot of air pushed out from the roaster.

Hey @BlackLabs your setup is exactly what I’ve been using for 9 months. It works great, and I believe it is ideal. I don’t even run my hood at the highest fan speed. Medium is enough, and makes it easier to hear cracks. Caveat: I don’t roast beyond the first few snaps of second crack, and I haven’t tried more than 450g batches.

Here’s my current setup! I roast in the basement and the Bullet is exhausted using a 6" vent and an inline fan. I’m using the newer version of the exhaust adapter that allows for ambient air to be pulled to prevent too much air from coming out of the roaster. It took ages to finally get a (mostly) smokeless setup. The grinder in the corner is mainly used when I roast larger batches for church. Hoping to do some renovations in 2021 (paint and new floors!).


@bradm thanks for giving me assurances that what I had in mind would work. I’m still waiting to receive mine from Sweet Maria’s (US vendor).

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Here’s my initial setup. It’s not perfect, but it works for our small, big-city apartment!


I remove an old oil-fired boiler from my basement and was able to use the exhaust flu to vent my Bullet and the power to add a outlet for the roaster and exhaust fan. Not pretty, but works great.
Plus I got $49 at the scrap yard for the old boiler :slight_smile:

There is an exhaust fan in the 7" to 6" duct reducer powered by a cheap 12v motor controller.
When I’m not roasting, I put the white duct into the exhaust hood (cardboard box) so that the natural draft of the chimney pulls the cool air from the floor and not the warmer air above.

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