Share your setup!


Here’s one more picture


Creative! Is it permanently up or do you take it down after roasting?


a simple duct-taping solution, under a home kitchen range hoods which we have installed just for this roasting corner


Hi everybody, my name is Edwin, today I just “seasoned” the Bullet and did my first roast, a 1800m natural process Pacamara from my family’s farm @fincacampobello in Cerro Verde, El Salvador. At Campo Bello, we’re planting new Gesha from renowned Panamanian farms as well as Pacamara and Bourbon, consulting with Willem Boot of Boot Coffee and Finca Sophia, aiming to make one of the best coffee farms in Central America.

Had a bit of a surprise with all the smoke that came from the “seasoning” batch! Wasn’t ready for that.

My current setup is a bit minimal, but next week I’m having the exhaust duct installed, as well as buying containers for the coffee, and a bagging station. Really excited about doing experimentation on the Bullet, and about the community sharing their learnings. If anyone here is coming to El Salvador, hit me up for a tour of the farm.


Very very cool! How good would it be to offer super-premium greens with profiles on RW?!! Congratulations. Please keep us posted.


here’s my setup:


Well done Harry!