Share your setup!


I always like seeing how others have things setup, gives me ideas. Nothing fancy here but sharing to get things started. I have a small 6" inline duct fan and it seems to work well enough to pull the smoke and push it out the window.



I have two 4” AC Infinity Cloudline fans on the back of the cart. One for the cooling tray and one for the exhaust. They join together in a Y and go up and out of the basement. Currently waiting for the Coffee Tea Bean Cooler and that will eliminate the cooling tray fan.



Keep in mind the cooling tray fan is always on during the roast. It runs at C2 (C3?) presumably to assist with air blowing across the power board. If the Bullet cooling tray goes away, you may need a small fan to replace it.


Thank you so much for that info! I will definitely keep that in mind!


Didn’t know that. Thanks. New day, something new to learn. :slight_smile:


Here is my garage setup. It’s not fancy but it does the trick!!


Nice. What does the exhaust out the window look like?


We just used a piece of board and cut out a hole for a vent (like a dryer vent), then braced it to keep the window from opening (for security purposes). Pretty simple but works great!


Hi everyone. Great to see these set-ups and thanks for posting.

I have just received my Bullet and am about to build a roast workshop for it. My question is about the venting. I am going to use an inline extractor fan to vent through a wall to the outside but I assume the smoke will contain oils and will cause some kind of discolouration to the outside of my house which is newly painted white. I am really interested to hear your opinions and observations about the effect of the smoke on the outside of your houses.

Thanks in advance!


There was another thread about setups that included images of a filter for an inline extractor. The user (@bertje1959) had already killed one inline fan thru contamination. In the replacement setup they installed a box in the exhaust line. Inside the box is a piece of white ScotchBrite (like that used in the cooling tray) set diagonally in the box (to get maximum area). Follow the link and check the images he has posted. The ScotchBrite is easily removed for cleaning.


Here are a couple of the images @bertje1959 posted-

inline%20exhaust%20filter-1 inline%20exhaust%20filter-3


Nearly forgot- when you exhaust air from an enclosed space you must provide make-up air, i.e. there has to be a way for the air being exhausted to be replaced or there will be no air flow out the exhaust fan.



Thanks for sharing that information. Has anyone tried using an electrostatic filter like you would in a commercial roastery? I know these are huge but you can get portable ones designed for use when welding which means you wouldn’t need any venting to the outside at all. In theory it should be able to filter the air and return scrubbed air back to the room.

From memory the oil and carbon is attracted to the charged metal plates and you can then use a pressure washer to clean the plates afterwards.

Example of a welding filter