Silencing Deadman Alarm Trips First Crack Start on RoastTime

I’ve been having a frequent problem where sometimes when I silence the Deadman Alarm on the roaster, in RoastTime the First Crack Start and/or First Crack End flags are set even though I did nothing in RoastTime. I had been seeing these inadvertent triggers in RaostTime, but It took me awhile to notice they were simultaneous with silencing the Deadman Alarm.

Anyone else notice this?


I think the F1 button triggers the FC marker, regardless of whether or not the alarm is triggered.


You are correct that it is F1 that is triggering the FC marker. I use F1 to clear the A-02 Deadman alert. I’ll try another button and see what happens.

I am concluding this a glitch and should not be happening. Does RoasTime really use F1 on the Bullet to trigger the FC marker as a design feature? The Bullet manual says use any button to clear A-02.


Yes, F1 is the FC switch. If you don’t have a computer connected this is how you mark it.

I think this is working as designed, but it is definitely a workflow flaw!


At one point the manual said to use the A-button to reply to the A-02 alarm (over 2 years ago) so I’ve grown attached to that habit. I’m embarrassed to say I wasn’t aware of using F1 to record 1C. Well, as my ex-wife might say “you can always tell a Bowman, you just can’t tell 'em much!”